We are lucky enough to have secured a few really early reader-comments on our work. Here goes:

12/10/10 Jan Carlzon, former CEO of Scandinavian Airline Systems

“A very entertaining management book full of surprises and new perspectives on successful management practices. The authors are certainly getting their message across, building on many of the concepts from my best selling management book “Moments of Truth” –  Jan Carlzon

12/11/11  Danny Goldberg, President of Goldve  Entertainment and author of “Bumping Into Geniuses

This book really resonates with me and not merely because the authors use rock artists I worked with closely in the past such as Kiss, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana to illustrate the management theories which have long guided the careers of rock stars but which have often eluded corporate managers. They fearlessly  puncture the  bubbles of  predictable, mediocre but “safe”  theories that preclude breakthrough success in business and they do it with humor and passion. To borrow a turn of phrase from their instantly classic text, I am a big motherfucking fan of “Heavy Metal Management.

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